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Co-Digestion: Gearing Up for Senate Bill 1383

Regulations will soon be finalized to define the State’s strategies for meeting the landfill organic diversion requirements mandated under SB 1383.  There could be incentives for communities to implement projects that provide co-digestion of wastewater biosolids and other organic materials.

  • Wednesday Morning Track: Regulations Under Senate Bill 1383 and POTW Co-Digestion Capacity with Sarah Deslauriers, Carollo Engineers
  • Wednesday Afternoon Track: Regulatory and Optimization Challenges with Digester Gas Systems
  • Thursday Morning Track: Co-digestion Operations and Maintenance

Regional San Summit: The Echo Water Project

Valued over $1.75 billion, Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District’s (Regional San’s) monumental Echo Water Project is among the largest public works projects in the area’s history. This full-day track will bring together the team of engineers, operators, construction managers, and thought leaders that made this major upgrade project a success. Learn about the innovative strategies applied to achieve the nitrogen treatment objectives, the unique contracting and asset management strategies, and the challenges with commissioning a 181 mgd nitrogen removal treatment process.

  • Thursday All-Day Track: Regional San Summit: The EchoWater Project

PFAS Summit

Catch up with the latest news on the fast-moving, emerging topic of Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances, (PFAS). Arlene Blum, PhD, biophysical chemist, author, mountaineer, Research Associate in Chemistry at UC Berkeley, and Executive Director of the Green Science Policy Institute will be the keynote speaker for this event. Arlene’s riveting talk will be followed by an update on California Water Board PFAS Actions from Annalisa Kihara, Program Manager for the SWRCB PFAS activities.

  • Wednesday Morning Track: PFAS Basics; SWRCB Actions and panel discussion
  • Wednesday Afternoon Track: PFAS perspectives – laboratory; biosolids and water reuse

Collections System 101

AC20 will have two back-to-back tracks to provide a full day of introductory education. Facilitated by Jennifer Rojas, Long Beach Water Department and Dennis Lambert, SFBS Past President, the following topics will be covered:

  • Wednesday Morning Track: Easements 101 and Basic Math for Collection System Operators
  • Wednesday Afternoon Track: Pumping Physics 101 with Ronald Aceto, Cornell Pumps

Regulatory Deep Dive

This track will dive into various regulatory topics and present some innovative success stories from the Central Valley Clean Water Association.

  • Tuesday Afternoon Track: New and Emerging Regulatory Programs

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